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blackrosetavern [userpic]

Oh Dear....

May 25th, 2008 (03:39 am)

current mood: grateful

Why do mindless thugs think it's okay to pick on those that they don't understand? Had a load of 'Hibs Boys' turn up in the bar tonight and try to pick on the 'poofy metallers'. Thankfully, one of the pubs down the road had alerted us to them 10 minutes earlier. On our guard, but they still tried to attack one of our regulars. Thankfully the plain clothes police had turned up unbeknownst to our staff a good five minutes before them!
Rose Street is a historical drinking street in Edinburgh. The pubs have a character, a history and a worldliness to them. Historically, it has always been a good place to drink in the Capital. Unfortunately, in this day and age, a lot of football hooligans see it as the ideal venue from which to plan their 'ambushes'. Fortunately, leopards don't change their spots and the Police are on to this pattern of behaviour and know who to look out for.
Thank goodness that the Football Season has ended. Bring on the Festival! It's safe to drink in Rose Street for Alternative People ;)


Posted by: Andrew (savageteddybear)
Posted at: May 25th, 2008 09:06 am (UTC)

I guess the hibs boys have got fed up drinking in Jocks then although I don't blame them as it's gotten way worse since Vicky quit.

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